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3 Ways To Be A Great Friend (Zest Magazine)

So it’s dark and cold outside, and you feel like hibernating, but make sure you don’t forget your friends. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is prevalent at this time of the year and there’s sure to be someone in your life who needs a little TLC. Life coach Denise Bosque offers these tips for being a fab friend…

This article was published in Zest Magazine in March 2007, click to enlarge

  1. Never treat your friendships casually. When you’ve known one another for years, it’s especially easy to overlook a friend’s positive traits and focus on her bad points, such as perpetual lateness. Make an effort to do things the two of you enjoy together, such as shopping or gossiping.
  2. To give someone a boost, tell them that you value them and why, such as , ‘I love you because you always make me smile’.
    3. Don’t harbour resentment. Whenever there’s a problem, explain that her behaviour has upset you. It’ll make a lasting disagreement less likely.
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