Coaching & Hypno-Coaching FAQs

Personal CoachingWhat is Personal Coaching?

  • Coaching is a powerful and effective means of realising your full potential in whatever life areas you wish to improve: business, relationships, money, personal development, social
  • Rather like having a personal trainer in the gym, this is your personal trainer for your mind.
  • It is the second fastest growing industry in the U.S.A., and the U.K. is catching up rapidly. Why? Because we have so much happening in our lives today, juggling demanding jobs, children, relationships, social life, often our own desires and dreams get ‘shelved’.
  • It is expected during the average person’s lifetime we will change careers on average 4 times. We are in the information age and it’s sink-or-swim time. These accelerated times call for more support and guidance than ever before.
  • Coaches are used by just about every successful person whether it’s for business, sports or their personal lives. People who use coaches tend to be smart because they know they can’t do it all on their own and they want results fast.
  • There are many ways of helping someone to achieve what it is they want. Some people, during the process of coaching, will want to be guided gently by the hand, others will want to be accountable and wish to work more dynamically, still, others will want a bit of both.
  • With any kind of coaching you are kept on track and supported but never judged.
  • Coaching is Client-driven, we work in your reality, not ours.

What can Personal Coaching help with?

1. Reach for More, Much More

  • A major reason most people will never achieve more than mediocrity is simply that they do not want to get out of their comfort zone. As human beings, we tend to gravitate towards pleasure and avoid any form of pain. Consequently, our minds will tell us to stay where we are, better the devil we know, etc…
  • Face your fears – often things such as rejection, disappointment, what if we fail, or a favourite “I’m not the kind of person who could….”, hold us back. Not anymore, we begin the process of thinking differently, when we think differently, we feel different, when we feel different we DO different behaviours.
  • Achieve – ALL great achievers have ‘failed’ lots during the course of their lifetime. The only difference between an achiever and someone who just resigns themselves to ‘well I had a try’, is that the achievers didn’t use the word failure instead, they just decided to ‘try’ a new way of doing X.
  • Be Supported – When you have someone you trust to help you achieve your goals and support and inspire you, you will reach for so much more because your vision is bigger whether it’s your business or personal life.

2. Be Motivated and Inspired

  • Be motivated and inspired to achieve exactly what you want

3. A Balanced Life

  • A Balanced Life, Professional and Personal success is maximized when you enjoy a sense of personal fulfilment and life balance.
  • You will find your confidence and self-belief begin to soar and self-image crafted to really enhance your life.

4. Make Better Decisions

  • You will find just talking about issues and options with someone who can be objective is often enough to clarify things and generate choices.

5. Have More Energy

  • Together we’ll identify the things that drain your energy, whatever they are and create a long-term strategy to drop them.
  • When you’re happy, productive and free from toleration and problem, life is a lot more fun.

What would you accomplish if you had huge self-belief, confidence and energy?

  •  Most people often know what they don’t want in their life but are very unclear about what they specifically want. Our first task together is to find out exactly what you really want for yourself. What’s been holding you back, i.e. limiting beliefs, old patterns, fears, etc. Once you create goals that are clearly in line with your personal values, your life’s purpose and vision, you are much more likely to naturally and consistently take actions to reach them. Not many people realise that their values are actually running their life, that’s why it’s crucial we go through your current values to see if they are helping or hindering you.
  • If a goal is not being achieved, generally speaking, it’s because the person either does not really want that goal or some underlying issue is holding them back, it’s our task to then discover what it is and bring it into conscious awareness where we can address it and re-define the goal so it is compelling and easier to achieve.
  • Some people like to be challenged and this is when we use provocative coaching asking the client much more of themselves, to be hugely successful, whatever that means to them. Nudging them towards their own huge potential so they see the big picture. If this sounds daunting, don’t worry, this type of coaching is only for those who actively seek it.

What is Hypno-Coaching?

  • Hypno-Coaching uses straight forward Coaching and Hypnosis.
  • Hypnosis really accelerates the process of achieving your goals and the results can be amazingly effective because we are accessing the power of your unconscious mind.
  • Hypno-Coaching is particularly appropriate for performance enhancement.

    Coaches have always been used by smart, successful people whether they be sports people, professional people or any person who wishes to have a more satisfying life. After all, why have mediocrity when you can have an outstanding life.

Why Hypno-Coaching?

  • Living in today’s world we are constantly bombarded by TV advertising, newspapers and the media and if we listen to it long enough, we begin to believe it, a kind of societal hypnosis, which goes straight into our unconscious minds, otherwise the media, advertisers, pharmaceutical companies, governments would not spend millions every year on advertising.
  • Does it not make sense, therefore, to CHOOSE your own trance state? To have a life that you feel good about on your terms?
  • Our unconscious mind contains unlimited potential for anything we desire in our lives and when we access it, with language, sounds and images we can begin creating the life we want, by changing limiting patterns and beliefs to empowering ones.
  • To use a metaphor, if you imagine that your conscious mind gives orders rather like a captain of a ship, a good strong captain will keep the crew in check, give orders in a very clear and positive way, steer the ship and stay on course. A weak captain will be indecisive and maybe not give clear or confident instructions.
  • Now when these ‘orders’ reach your unconscious mind through a state of trance (relaxation), your subconscious mind does not know the difference between a real and an imagined event and will just ‘follow orders’, and therefore, manifest whatever beneficial suggestions have been installed.
  • Goals of any sort can really accelerate using hypnosis, all that is required is a clear goal and a willingness to relax.  Coupled with reinforcement you begin to feel and see the results you want in your life.

Is Hypno-Coaching for you?

  • Are your relationships on shaky ground?
  • Is confidence an issue for you?
  • Are you lacking in health and vitality?
  • Is your career no longer satisfying to you?
  • How good are your self-esteem and self-acceptance right NOW?
  • What’s the biggest thing holding you back?
  • What would it take for your life to be outstanding right now?
  • What does success mean to you?
  • What’s holding you back?
  • What goals do you have in place right now?
  • Would you like more energy and passion in your life?

Hypno-Coaching can help you to dramatically improve any of the above topics.

If you are not sure then why not taking advantage of the free phone coaching session by contacting Denise?