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If you are in search of real career solutions, try a clinical hypnotherapist. Woman and Home sent one reader to try it out…
Alison Templeman Wright, 42, is married to Paul, a teacher. They have two children.

“I’ve been taking an art degree that finishes in May, and I’m working part-time in a coffee shop. My husband has recently had to take a salary cut, and would love me to go back to work full-time to supplement the family income. I’m excited, but also nervous.”

This article was published in Women & Home in January 2009. Click to enlarge.

Alison saw Denise Bosque, a clinical hypnotherapist, who also offers coaching and neuro-linguistic programming.
“Alison’s goal was to train as an art therapist, for which she needs to complete a year’s paid practical experience. She was torn between looking for part-time work in that area and focusing on finishing her art degree. She felt overwhelmed and had a tendency to procrastinate, which often stems from a confidence issue, so I wanted her to feel good about going back to work.”

Alison’s verdict: “Denise helped me establish my core values, asking, ‘Where would I like to be in a year’s time? In five years?’ My priority started off as ‘Family’, but changed swiftly to ‘Focus’ after she helped me realise the importance of self-fulfilment. I also realised I’d feel more energised starting my part-time art therapy job now, working towards it becoming full-time in May.

She also improved my time management. Writing down all my tasks, and crossing them off as I completed them, made me feel calmer. Denise’s hypnosis showed me the value of feeling positive and she motivated me to apply for a job as a special needs assistant in a school for autistic children. Above all, she highlighted the importance of my feelings – if I feel happy and fulfilled, that’s best for me and my family.”

If this is your problem, follow Denise’s tips:
Write down the benefits of going back to work, both small and large.
Identify the best feeling you could experience in deciding to go back to work, eg, “I feel as if I’m contributing”.

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