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Stop Smoking FAQs

Kicking the Habit!

Is Stop Smoking possible and will it work for me?

Many factors will have to be taken into consideration so it is best to Contact Denise to find out.

How does Hypnotherapy compare to other methods?

No evidence that nicotine vaccines work (8/19/2012) - Researchers found there is currently no evidence that nicotine vaccines enhance long-term smoking cessation.
Hypnosis increases smoking abstinence by 4.3 times (6/25/2012) - A Canadian study researchers found that smokers were 4.3 times more likely to quit smoking if they underwent hypnosis therapy compared to smokers who didn't have therapy.

How does Stop Smoking work?

What will happen during a Stop Smoking session?

How long will the session be?

How much will I need to invest?

What can I do if I fancy a cigarette?

I would encourage you to begin thinking as someone who no longer wants to smoke. Also from now until we meet, I would suggest that every time you decide to have a cigarette you follow this simple process:

  1. STOP and ask yourself silently:
  2. “Does my body, really want this cigarette”?
  3. Wait quietly for the answer, it should come in about 2 seconds.
  4. Then ask: “Do my lungs really want a cig?”
  5. Again wait for the answer.
  6. “Does my life really want this cig?”

If you still decide to have the cigarette go ahead without beating yourself up and just be aware, as you smoke, what is happening to your body.
This process is about bringing conscious awareness to your body about the habit your in, and the wisdom of the body will always guide you. It is very much about conscious awareness that’s all, not judging oneself, just allowing your body, little by little, to guide you into thinking and feeling you don’t wish to pollute it.
If you really do this EVERY TIME you decide to have a cig, you will be interrupting your ‘habit’ and that’s exactly what we want. It’ll only take 30 seconds or so each time, but do it, be quiet and relaxed as you do it, knowing that you are beginning a healthier habit.

3 Steps To Stop Smoking – Questionnaire – Testimonials

How can I find more about Clinical Hypnosis?

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