5 Tips For Your First Days At School

Here is the transcript of the video…

So it’s back to school… Here are five top tips: Being Happier This Term At School

  1. Notice what your general attitude is. If it’s negative in any area, ask what you think you could change, even slightly, to make you feel better.
  2. Make new connections, by being generally a little more friendly, a little bit more helpful, especially to the shy ones.
  3. If you are concerned about your grades, talk to your teachers after school. It’ll make their day, and, it’ll help YOU.
  4. Be Honest. Who are you hanging out with? Are they really friends? Do they really help you, do you help them? And by that I mean be the best you can, or are you just being needy? (wanting to be part of something). If so, choose better.
  5. To do any of the above takes confidence, trust in yourself. DO what you think is good for YOU, That’s how confidence comes. You see confidence come AFTER the event, doing the things you are frightened of NOW, not waiting for that magical day when you will feel confident, you could have a long wait!  That’s how people get confident, do the thing first, it takes courage.

Have a good term!


These tips were first published on my blog www.HappierAtSchool.com