Music I play during one to one sessions

Lots of people ask me the references of the music I play during one to one sessions and where to find them.

So here they are…
Devi PrayerThe most requested track is “Devi Prayer” by Craig Pruess & Ananda, from the CD “Sacred Chants Of Devi“. These are Sanskrit chants, ideal for relaxation, meditation or if you want to concentrate in a noisy environment. You can either buy the whole CD or only the track I play, which you can download for only 99p, a real bargain considering it lasts 22 minutes!   MP3 Link   CD LinkHealing Pool

The oldest CD I play is called “The Healing Pool” by Juliana. I originally got it free with a newspaper I bought ages ago. It had almost no reference so it was quite hard to source. I’ve played it for 15 years and I’m still not tired of it, I find many tracks very soothing.   MP3 Link   CD Link

Accelerated LearningMusic For Accelerated Learning” by Stephen Halpern is a favourite too. I can’t guarantee you will actually learn quicker but it certainly is beautiful. By the way Mozart is also widely recommended for learning and studying activities.   MP3 Link   CD Link

Peace of Mind
This one was actually suggested by a client: “Peace of Mind“. I recommend purchasing the digital version because it has 45 tracks, lasting more than 2 hours so it’s good value.


I’m actually looking for new music to play during my sessions so please send me your suggestions.

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