Feedback from my last “8 week Mindfulness & Self-Worth course”

Comments from participants who attended my “8 week Mindfulness & Self-Worth course

Spring 2016

quotes Very good introduction and useful for the future. I liked the opportunity to learn new ways to develop as an individual and the tools to deal with issues that arise. I enjoyed teaming up in groups.”

quotes I think the course is nicely balanced between meditation, teachings and discussions. I liked your voice, the manual, the setup of the room and being sent the material and downloads by email.”

quotes Thank you for a good course and introduction to Mindfulness. I liked the ideas and goals as well as the group discussions and sharing. 

Autumn 2015

quotes I think you’ve balanced practice with the theory very well. Would love to do another course along these lines. Thank you.”

quotes This has been an extremely useful course and very helpful to me. Thank you Denise for all your generous tuition and for the excellent manual”

quotes I learnt a lot from you Denise. I enjoyed the theories and understanding of Mindfulness that you were teaching us alongside the practice, in particular the ‘longer’ mindfulness exercises. The manual is absolutely excellent. Thank you so much Denise for sharing your knowledge and expertise. I truly appreciate and value your ‘generous’ teaching.”

quotes Thanks for an excellent course.”

quotes Thank you for the course, well structured, accessible and supportive. A great experience. Very useful.”

quotes I liked the combination of practising mindfulness/meditation and open discussion, hearing other people’s expectations. I would like to repeat the course when I can have a better chance of practicing daily.”

quotes I enjoyed understanding the nuances of the mind and the variations of mindfulness practice. All very interesting. Thank you!”

quotes It was a great balance. The support material is so helpful.”

quotes I found your course extremely helpful particularly the way you delivered the sections of the manual week by week, and also because of your very empathetic and clear way you put over the material. I am very, very grateful to you for all the work you put into it.”