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So another year over and what have you done, as the good song says. What have been your challenges, your successes and your learnings? This is an excellent time of the year for really looking at our lives and taking stock. Deciding what you want to let go of, whether they be old emotions or patterns holding you back or people, places or things.

If you are going to set goals this year, as opposed to resolutions, that last slightly longer than your hangover, then here are some pointers to help you begin the process of setting goals. Personally I love doing this and it’s great to do with a coach or good friend as setting certain goals can really bring up a lot of ‘stuff’ in us. Then we can actually feel what it is that we want to avoid and why, then that can be cleared up so you won’t sabotage yourself.

Have a great time…

1. Print these Look at Your Life and Actions towards Your Goals forms:

Assess all areas of your life and choose what goals you most want

For each goal, you can visualise the possible obstacles and solutions, and define your first action

2. Decide a time when you are going to do it and with whom if you choose to do so. Go somewhere where you really like being (e.g. favourite room in your house, library café). Turn off possible distractions like telephones.

3. Make sure you feel really good, check your physiology, are you sitting up straight, smiling, eyes up. Don’t underestimate this, physiology has a huge effect on us and how we make decisions.

4. Look at the form and decide which life areas jump out at you first, so you feel enthusiastic then start there.

5. When you’ve decided what your goal is, check your feelings, what is your intention ultimately? Does it make you feel good, excited, even slightly nervous? A good goal should always make you feel like this and if it’s a big goal for you, then there, almost certainly, will be feelings of nervousness because it means it is really important to you. Also, goals should be linked to your ‘core values’, these are the most important things in your life, most people have no real idea of what they are, this is crucial to setting and achieving a goal. (If you want more information on how to discover your Core Values, let me know).

As you are setting these goals doubts will probably surface about whether you can achieve them or not, and the demons visit you big time to try and talk you out of it. “you’re not good enough, it won’t work, you don’t deserve it”, etc, old patterns and beliefs, etc. This is the time when we let those out-dated disempowering beliefs take us over and we tend to lower the bar on our dreams. Maybe, it’s not really for us,  etc. Remember, when the WHY (you want this) is big enough, really compelling, the HOW’S take care of themselves.

Be careful, do not let those demons hold you back yet again, break through them, do this with conviction, this is your life, why would you lower it?  Usually, it’s to avoid disappointment, ridicule, rejection, feelings of failure etc. Well, how disappointed would you be if you NEVER attempted something great, at least this way you are out there living and feeling the fear and still doing it, that in itself is fantastic. It’s always about the journey, going for it, no matter what, you may or may not achieve it quickly but you will learn a lot and feel proud that you had the courage to go for it.

A lot of people are naysayers, telling you it can’t be done, why bother, etc. What they really mean is “Don’t do it because then that will make me feel bad that I haven’t had the courage to do it”. Avoid them like the plague.  You can participate in your life or be an onlooker, it’s up to you.

6. Tap into your potential. I’m always working with clients to help them see their massive potential; most people really put themselves down and live smaller lives because of fear. Most of which are in their own heads, not based in any reality. So change the pictures in your mind and feel better immediately about who you are and who you can become. Using Hypnosis and NLP coaching really accelerates the process, especially for re-programming old beliefs!

7. When you’ve broken down your goals into time frames and ‘chunks’ and you feel this is ‘right’ begin to visualise it as if it’s already happened. Do this daily, make it into a routine, because you will be hardwiring it with repetition in the brain, in your nervous system, just in the same way you wired, unconsciously, negativity, now you are mindfully changing your mind.

8. If you have a partner, do your mutual life goals together linked to your Values. It’s quite incredible how many times partners are not in sync with each other. By communicating you get to see where you are headed.

9. Understand that by writing things down there is a real commitment. Also, realise that goals can change, you can upgrade, change or cancel them, just make sure you do this consciously and re-write them again.

10. Check at least once a month to see if you are on course, taking action towards your goals. If you are not, chances are you have a limiting belief somewhere which needs to be addressed so you don’t sabotage yourself.

Celebrate; you are a minority of the population who are using their minds and emotions to get what they want in life. One last thing, act as if you have already achieved it. You are setting up things at a deep level by doing this because you are connecting to the feeling.

If you want to take this deeper and get results quickly then book a session here

Supporting forms to clarify and keep you on track:

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