Smoking Eradicated by 2030? What causes some smokers to stop and relapse?

Ready. Steady. Stoptober

As part of their #Stoptober campaign Public Health England reckons smoking will have disappeared in England by 2030, based on the current rate of one person quitting every 80 seconds.

The problem is not stopping though, anybody can do that. I remember a comedian saying “stop smoking is so easy… I do it 20 times a day!”. You probably know people who have stopped, sometimes for as long as 18 months, but then in a ‘weak’ moment, usually fuelled by alcohol, have resumed the habit.

How do you prevent the relapse then?

I have helped many smokers to stop over the last 17 years and in my experience it is simply a massive mindset change from “I smoke and I like it but I should give up” to “I am a non-smoker”. That’s it, you need to see yourself as a non smoker! That belief is crucial, but sometimes a part of us interferes, which is why I use Parts Therapy (along with other modalities), before I teach someone to stop smoking,

My one off stop smoking sessions are tailor made and last between 2 and 3 hours, enough to anchor your new behaviour and replace the old habits you no longer need. Why not offer it to your employees as part of you well-being package?

Let me Help you Stop Smoking

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