Virtual Gastric Band

Diets don’t work, in fact slimming clubs are the most successful failed business in the UK. More worryingly, a mega study over 6.7 Million people has just shown that yo-yo dieting more than DOUBLES your risk of an early death and “makes you more likely to have a heart attack or stroke”

Most people wait until January to start dieting and/or joining the gym. What I propose is to start dropping that excess weight now, particularly for those of you who know you are really overweight, or verging on obese.  You absolutely know something has to change for the sake of your health, not only your body, but your mindset, and not just for Christmas, for good!

What does work in the obesity stakes is mindset change for ever, not just whilst trying to get into that black dress or suit.

When a Gastric Band is done surgically it’s the stomach that feels full, the brain hasn’t been re-wired for healthier choices. Hypnosis addresses this.

If you are serious, and I only mean if you are serious, about shedding this weight, keep it off and feel healthier, confident and happy within yourself then consider this:

  • The Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) has been around for at least 10 years and has had incredible success.
  • One of the trials about 8 years ago began in a Doctor’s surgery in Hull. The GP sent 10 of hER obese patients that had been refused a Gastric Band Operation by the NHS, to a Hypnotherapist who was resident in his building.
  • She did 4 weeks with these clients as a trial. She took on 25 volunteers of different shapes, sizes, age ranges and gender and saw them in a group setting.
  • The treatment was not personalised, and she had envisaged perhaps only a 40% success rate, believing that group treatment might dilute its effectiveness.
  • In fact, they lost over 14 stones between them in only three weeks, and all but one reported a change in their eating habits.
  • As a result of this a Bariatric (weight loss) surgeon has put this service on his database.

People overeat for many different reasons. They may be bored, upset, angry or sad or sometimes have constant low anxiety levels running just under the surface.

Using Hypnosis to lose weight is about re-programming the brain, addressing the sub conscious fears/blocks, and allowing you to make the changes needed.

Understanding why people overeat, and what the triggers are, is crucial to make such changes. Hypnosis allows them to really understand this to then begin the re-wiring. By the time people have reached an unhealthy weight, often they have lost proper communication with their body and mind, so it becomes quite a mindless behaviour.

The benefits of VGB…

  • Helps the body to need less food because the brain perceives a smaller stomach
  • Changes the person’s relationship with food so that healthier choices are made, and along with that, an inner confidence ‘installed’
  • Reduces how much you can eat
  • Changes your shape
  • Become healthier
  • Can help reduce diabetes
  • Feel more confident and happier
  • Control your eating by changing your relationship with food
  • No operation, no side effects
  • No huge costs (surgical gastric band starts at £6,500)
  • No ‘down’ time
  • No calorie/points or carb counting

The Virtual Gastric Band package consists of

  • 1 phone conversation (for me to ensure you are ready*)
  • 4 weekly sessions (lasting between 1 and 1.5 hrs)
  • A recording to listen to daily

After the initial conversation the investment is £520 paid in advance. 

This is your life, isn’t it time you took back control to live how you want to, to have that energy, sense of well being and confidence to do the things you want to in your life?

So what a great present to yourself, Health, Energy, Looking and feeling GREAT!  You deserve it, if not now, when?

So as I said earlier, if you are serious, really serious, about losing this weight, keeping it off and feel healthier, confident and happy within yourself then contact me.

*My professional Code of Conduct does not allow me to give guarantees therefore I’ll always have a telephone conversation with prospective clients about the VGB to ensure they are absolutely ready to change and it’s the right time for them.