“The EMDR work I did with you has been priceless in regaining myself”

quotes I just wanted to say again, and I can really say it better now, how good and priceless the work on EMDR I did with you has been in regaining myself, get out of the tunnel of anguish I was in, and gain and regain the tools to avoid the repetition of the negative issues that had affected my life.

When I think back about it a few months after, I fully appreciate not only how good and professional you were in the therapy, but also and mostly how amazing, deeply sensitive and great insight you showed in connecting with the deepest part of me, like you had known me the whole of my life, and this connection happened and was firmly established in just a couple of sessions.

Of course after our therapy the summer was still, at moments hard, but at that point I was only coping with pain, sadness and bereavement. I had the tools not to fall again into anguish, and later on from September slowly things went uphill.

Now I am really more than well, I will not go in detail because it is only a delicate beginning, but also something really nice is happening again also in my personal life, and without talking about it I need to send a smile to you about it anyway.

Marco Piccioni – 1st February 2019