Introduction to the Anxiety-Buster Confidence-Booster Podcast

If you are suffering any form of anxiety and confidence issues, then this podcast series is for you. If you really want to give anxiety the boot and live a better, happier life, these episodes are designed to give you the tools and solutions, strategies and insights to get your life back without the ‘what ifs’ .

Each week I’ll speak about a topic related to all forms of anxiety, confidence and emotional resilience.

Some areas I’m going to be covering are for parents of anxious children, professionals in the workplace, teenagers, and the different ways and methods of ridding yourself of anxiety and boosting your confidence.

Anxiety can happen to anyone, anytime. The good news is there is nothing wrong with you, did you hear that. Nothing.  

It’s just the brain has gotten stuck in anxiety mode and needs some re-wiring and the great thing is, it can be.  Neuroscientists now know the brain is neuroplastic, meaning it can be changed. It does, however, take real focus, energy and commitment.  But let’s face it when anxiety has you in it’s grip you are actually using energy, focus and commitment to keep it alive, you don’t know how to let it go yet…You’re so ‘in it’ you can‘t see the wood for the trees.  So, wouldn’t it be better to use that focus, energy and commitment to change it to something you do want.

So if you want to change your mindset then subscribe to this free podcast you will also have from time to time access to some complementary resources to help you re-programme your mind.

So this is Denise Bosque signing off until next time when I am going to talk to you about what‘s happening in the brain when you are anxious and the different approaches and methods you can use to change the  wiring.

So remember whatever happens this week, (it will pass) all things do, so eyes up, and onward and upwards.


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Upcoming Episodes

  • The Anxious Brain
  • Anxiety v Stress v Panic Attacks
  • What Parents of Anxious Teenagers Must Know
  • Professionals & Anxiety in the Workplace
  • Stopping a Panic Attack in Less Than 15 seconds
  • Why Talking Therapies can be Ineffective
  • Rewiring the Brain (neuroplasticity)
  • Social Media
  • PTSD (Trauma) – Generic, Sexual Abuse, Accident

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Anxiety Solutions (Oct 2018) - There are many therapies out there and it can be difficult to find the right one to match the person. I have decided to offer to anxiety sufferers some help, which, in the first instance, will be in a group. If you, or anyone you know is suffering from any form of anxiety, please contact me. I will soon be offering a complimentary talk on this subject and how we can begin to rid ourselves of it.
Drawing Therapy Helping Children (Apr 2018) - When a young child or adolescent begins to display unhealthy behaviours, at school or at home, they don't have the necessary language to express themselves, so it comes out in other ways, usually negatively, such as anger, violence, sadness, anxiety, withdrawal, etc. The core of Drawing & Talking is not for therapist intervention, or to interpret the drawing, but to allow the child to feel emotionally better.
Drawing Therapy For Children (Jan 2018) - I've recently finished a training in Drawing and Talking, which allows young people to express negative emotions, and ultimately to move forward in their life. Where D&T differs from many other therapies is that instead of being a formal therapy it's very much focused on the child (or adult) expressing parts of themselves, and what they may be going through internally, currently, and/or historically.
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Related Testimonials

“My sessions with Denise have been nothing short of transformational” (March 2019) - "I’ve had years of anxiety, fear of failure, fear of being judged - and being paralysed by this in my job - periods of depression, being afraid to go out, avoiding social situations, periods of long term sickness, not being bothered to look after myself or respect myself..."
“The couple of sessions I have had with you have changed my life beyond my expectations” (January 2018) - Denise really helped build my confidence and reduce anxiety levels. Not only have I now managed to secure the job that I wanted, I also feel that I am able to overcome any challenge that may present itself.
student assessment “I used to link my self-worth with my exam performance” (July 2016) - "Before meeting with Denise I had exam anxiety and often linked my self-worth with my exam performance. Since working with Denise, not only has my confidence improved, but I am also much calmer when coping with daily stress/anxieties. Denise a positive influence and has enabled me to break down and manage exam and other stresses in my life. Thank you for all your help!"
“Meeting with Denise just a few times for anxiety issues has changed my life” (March 2015) - "It is no exaggeration that Denise has saved my life. Before we met I was struggling with a debilitating anxiety which presented itself as regular intense chest pain. Over time I stopped enjoying life, I was so afraid of the terrifying chest pains that I stopped going out with friends and I rarely enjoyed spending time with my children, life really did not feel worth living. Meeting with Denise just a few times for anxiety issues has changed my life. I very rarely get chest pains now and if I do Denise has given me the tools to deal with it...
“I felt you’ve given my life back” (September 2012) - "Hi Denise! Thank you ever so much for your help. I felt you've given my life back 🙂 You're definitely a star! Thank you also for your kind emails, I hope we remain in touch & if I am in trouble again I will certainly call you. I can't thank you enough!" G.M., Harrow

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