Interview: Father of 17-year-old suffering from Anxiety

When we catch young people’s anxiety early, we can absolutely do something about it, real techniques and strategies to stop it. The earlier the better, even if it looks like something ‘harmless’, take action. I don’t mean talking about the ‘problem’ but understanding it then moving on from it and living a happier and healthier life.

This short interview is from a father whose son did exactly that.

Note: You can also view the son’s interview

He’s really starting to get on top of this. Attacks only last minutes, and are reducing. He is smiling, happy, seeing his friends. There is a difference there is a shift.

My son has grown before my eyes, he is coming out of this as a different person. More humility, greater appreciation of his family and the odd one or two friends. He has genuinely learnt from his journey, I see a shift in him that is more connected to what is important.

Ian – April 2019