The One Thing Stopping You Quitting Smoking

Have you ever had the intention of quitting smoking, but when it came to it you just couldn’t resist that ‘last’ cigarette? I’m sure you know that smokers have a higher risk of severe complications from COVID-19. Here are some steps you can take towards a nicotine-free life now.


Fear – that you will have to undergo feelings of suffering and of deprivation.

Fear – that social occasions will not be quite as enjoyable without a cigarette.

Fear – that you can’t concentrate or be as confident without that crutch.

Fear – that your personality will change.

Fear – that you will lose the “helpful friend” that helps you cope with stress.

Fear – that quitting may cause you to gain weight.

But, here’s the truth

That fear of giving up is actually CREATED by cigarettes. A big MYTH is that it helps with stress, nicotine CAUSES stress!

You never decided to fall into the nicotine trap! But nicotine is designed to ensure that you remain there. And you need to be motivated to break free.

You can take some small steps towards a nicotine-free life to condition yourself or the time when you can give up smoking for good:

  1. Make a list of the reasons to quit. (You MUST write them all, the brain needs to focus on the goal.)
  2. Set a quit date, put it in your diary in big letters – and stick to it!
  3. Change your brand ONE week before your quit date – You will find they are not as enjoyable.
  4. Smoke using the opposite hand you normally use to hold your cigarette. Yes, it’s meant to feel awkward – you are changing small habits and patterns.
  5. Change your routine. If you usually smoke after a meal, try to break out of this routine. Read a chapter of a book, watch a TV show, do some stretching, call a friend or retreat to a part of the house where you wouldn’t usually smoke.
  6. Get active, even a five-minute walk or stretch produces chemicals in the brain that reduce cravings.
  7. Positivity! Affirm to yourself, with post-its, phone alarms, reminders; “I’m enjoying becoming healthier and having more energy as a non-smoker”. Find the mantra that works for you and use it consistently!

Hypnotherapy can help you to have your last cigarette ever!

It will show you the reasons to stop and how to link those reasons to your Values, Identity and your Future.

And it can help you with:

  • Motivation to stop smoking – and stay stopped
  • Break the connections – the triggers and associations to smoking
  • Feel positive about becoming a non-smoker. You aren’t giving anything up, you are gaining health, wealth and happiness.

So if you haven’t been able to quit smoking before, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do it now!

Imagine stopping that disgusting habit, how would you feel, what would it look like to be more empowered, confident and focused.

Instead of looking weak and feeling ashamed, now you are proud and in control for what you have achieved. When you’re no longer a smoker think of all the positive knock-on effects in your life…imagine…what else you could achieve!

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