Mind Your Business with Hypnosis (28-day Challenge) – 27 July 2020

This Mind Your Business with Hypnosis – 28 Days Challenge course started Monday 27th July 2020 and was sold out.
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Course Outlines

  • Aimed at Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs… or people thinking about starting their own business.
  • The idea of the course is to be with like-minded people, it really doesn’t matter if you are a builder, an artist, a dentist or beautician. This is about taking practical steps in your business and connecting to the energy of each other. We are all creative beings and adding to the energy of our success and building on it.  It’s about releasing our creativity and expanding who we are how we want to show up in our business and our lives. It’s about having a successful mind. It’s about living in the ‘successful zone’.
  • 4 weeks programme – maximum 10 people.
  • Monday 7.30-9 am (UK) – live video coaching session – recorded for catch-up and replay.
  • Practical steps to guide you to take action.
  • The rest of the week will involve around 20 minutes a day (in your own time, longer if you wish) of reading/listening material I send you, as well as you implementing the steps for your business and mindset.
  • Optional time to participate in the private forum (on FaceBook)
  • For more details check the Course Content section

Course Details

Monday Coaching

  • Each week we will start early on Zoom 7.30 am
  • This is to set up our week the way we mean to go on, the right energy, right actions and motivated, so Monday is an excellent day to do this.
  • The sessions will be recorded for catch-up and replay so you never need to miss anything.

Course Material (links are not longer active)

  • Facebook Group
  • Week 4 (17th Aug)
    • Friday Coaching (52min) Video Audio
    • Self-Hypnosis (17min)
    • Goals Coaching (85min) Video Audio
    • Morning Power Audio (4min)
  • Week 3 (10th Aug)
    • Friday Coaching (Video 55 min)
    • Identity (Hypnosis 19min)
    • Identity Coaching (90min) Video Audio
    • Morning Power Audio (2min)
  • Week 2 (3rd Aug)
    • Creating Confidence (Hypnosis 35min)
    • Confidence Coaching (88min) Video Audio
    • Morning Power Audio (4min)
  • Week 1 (27th Jul)
    • Focus On Your Success (Hypnosis 24min)
    • Success Coaching (84min) Video Audio
    • Morning Power Audio (4min)
  • Intro
    • 25/7 Workbook (pdf)
    • 25/7 Welcome Email (pdf)
    • 14/7 Introduction Webinar (64min) Video Audio

Daily Audio/Written Material

Private Forum

  • We have a private Facebook group just for us, to state our intentions, share wins, support each other, ask for help, find encouragement, questions about your ideas, work, creativity, tech, limiting beliefs.
  • I will be there too, answering some of the questions as well as the rest of our committed group.
  • The idea is to really connect from the heart then it’s valuable, genuine and we grow together.
  • Imagine having multiple brains on your business. The collective energy is so powerful.
  • Your productivity will increase as you will be accountable (and you will want that)!


  • I am going to be flexible inasmuch as if I find the group want more of X and less of Y then I will go with the flow.
  • If you have any questions about the above please ask me.

Introduction Webinar


Please note the video doesn’t display the presenter larger than participants. I’ve since learnt which setting to change, so the problem won’t happen in the future.

Audio only

I hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction.
If you’d like to take it further, I’d be delighted to help you fully ignite your passion and vision.
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If you’d like more information please contact me.