“I was finding this inner power and strength which I’d never tapped into before”

“I had never done hypnosis before… I was really interested in channeling my creativity to start my business in illustration, and to be represented by an agent. I needed focus as I have a full time job and 2 children… So I give myself the Mind Your Business 28-Day Challenge to see if I could open a pathway to what I really want…

… Listening to your hypnosis every week, morning and evening had a very significant effect on my life, not only in the work but throughout my whole life, at home with family and friends which was surprising to me.
I started to focus on what I wanted to do with regard to work, but actually it spread bigger than that, and I realised I was finding this inner power and strength which I’d never tapped into before.
I was doing self-hypnosis that you taught us and by the end of the course, I would wake up and feel a sense of purpose, a drive and also an assertiveness that I’ve always struggled with. 

I realised I was finding this inner power and strength which I’d never tapped into before, so I’m a very happy customer with that! …

The weekly coaching and chats with others were very helpful. The group was lovely, helpful and supportive. I got a lot out of sharing where we were in our progress. I found the visioning very helpful as I’d never done that before. I made a Vision Board of all the things I wanted to achieve. I also loved the 6 Minute Morning you introduced us to and I still do it every day.

I think what I’ve taken away from this course is a very tangible vision of what my future will be, like a film playing out in my mind. You worked a lot with us on that and I can see myself manifesting it, achieving it. 
I’ve also achieved a great amount in a very short time and I’ve put together a portfolio and reached out to some illustration agencies. I’ve also started 2 illustration workshops at that time and met people who are in that field.
You really helped build that confidence in myself, in every area of my life. It all went into the sub-conscious with the Hypnosis and I just think ‘I can do it’. I did have a significant light-bulb moment during the course where I thought ‘Oh, yes, this is my path this is what I’m supposed to be doing’.

It was a brilliant course and I thoroughly recommend it; This was life-changing.

Luce – Illustrator – 31st August 2020