“Standing over the edge of an 80ft tower…”

“I had a long-standing fear of heights that had built up since childhood. I needed to try to overcome this for a work opportunity and took myself off to a few climbing walls but still didn’t feel happy that I’d be able to pass the assessment criteria which I knew was required.

I am not a very “new age” sort of person but having done some research into hypnotherapy and after reading a number of reviews that people had left after seeing Denise I decided to give it a go. I booked a 90-minute session and during that time we spent a little over an hour talking about height and how to deal with the fear of it.

I had to apologise for not being particularly articulate about my feelings but Denise was very patient and down to earth. The session concluded with a short hypnotherapy session which at the time I thought was not working because I felt totally aware of what was happening despite my eyes being closed.

When Denise asked me to open my eyes though I found myself almost horizontal on my side from the sitting position that I had started in. I had a feeling that I can only compare to coming around from anaesthesia which in my experience isn’t unpleasant, I just felt a bit spaced out.

Once I left Denise I could not imagine that I’d find myself behaving any differently around heights but a week later I had arranged an abseiling session down the side of a 6-storey building and actually enjoyed myself. Leading up to this session no sense of fear built up which would have done before. The prospect of climbing to the top of the tower did not fill me with dread nor the joking around about falling to my death when the kit was being fitted.

After this abseil I found myself looking forward to testing myself on the higher levels during the assessments which I passed around a month after seeing Denise. I know that up to the point of seeing Denise the prospect of standing over the edge of an 80ft tower and then performing tasks as I was being lowered down it would have resulted in huge anxiety and even the climb up the inside of the tower would have left me feeling physically sick knowing what I had to face once at the top.

Having seen Denise my behaviour seemed at the top to be the same as the other people that I was with which was a nervous excitement and not a hugely negative fear. I am so pleased that Denise has helped me conquer what was something that I thought I was stuck with for life. I have recommended her to family and friends. If any of what I have written feels familiar and you want to try to overcome a fear I thoroughly recommend seeing Denise, its definitely worth a shot.”

AN – 23rd November 2020

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