“I joined Denise’s ‘Go Fetch Your Future’ course to tackle a huge challenge…”

“In an age of seeking meaning in gadgets and faddish advice list-circles, Denise Bosque helps us tap far more exciting resources: our own minds and the field of possibility beyond.

I joined Denise’s Go Fetch Your Future course to tackle a huge challenge. In midlife, my personal circumstances have changed in a fundamental way. I need to adapt mentally and spiritually.
To help us achieve our aims, Denise has instructed us to craft a “definite chief aim” — a vivid, detailed statement of purpose — and breathe life into it. Visualise it. Internalise it. My own DCA, as we call the document, aims to reconcile some conflicting currents in my life, but a DCA can also be used to attain a business goal or land a better job.

The DCA is central to our mission, yet Denise’s weekly one-hour sessions are much more. Drawing on the wisdom of modern spiritual masters and her own experience, Denise teaches techniques for tapping into the cosmic field of potential that governs existence.

A trained therapist, Denise conducts her course with great sensitivity (people of any spiritual faith—or lack thereof!—should feel comfortable) and lots of humour.

So an hour with her is both time spent with an old-soul healer, and something like a cozy chat down at the pub with a very perceptive sister—a sister who’s plugged into a resource that seems, to me at least, to have gone largely forgotten in our materialist day.

And, if you take on the mission, that hour becomes a great adventure, too.”

— “London man in mid-life” – 11th August 2021