Disney Family Holiday Virtual Disney family Holiday Free Download - Be transported to a place filled with magic, to spend quality time with your relatives. As you navigate the park, you see their smiling faces as they meet famous characters. You hear their laughter experiencing their favourite ride. You witness them marvelling at the parade and shows. Later, fireworks light up the night sky, around the castle, while familiar tunes are playing. Experience all the colours and sounds, the atmosphere and togetherness.
Virtual Safari Experience Virtual Safari Experience Free Download - Step aboard your very own Safari vehicle, this is the adventure of a lifetime. Grab your binoculars to capture that very first animal sighting. Explore the faraway place, surrounded by unique landscapes, allowing you to see the most fabulous wildlife show on Earth. You can see majestic animals in their environments, marvelling at their beauty and power. Enjoy the magnificent scenery and vast open spaces on that Safari.
Virtual Mountain Experience Download Virtual Mountain Experience Free Download - You are surrounded by mountains, rising high above the clouds, beckoning you with a magnetic pull, to walk deeper into their beauty. Notice the crisp, clear air that you breathe. All around you, beautiful landscapes, wonderful corners, the clearing in the middle of a forest, the lake with crystal clear water. Enjoy this natural place to walk, the grandeur of those peaks, the deep peace of the wild...
Virtual American Road Trip Experience - Stepping off the plane, you are filled with excitement as you pick-up the keys of your Mustang or Cadillac, ready to hit the road. On your way to visiting hidden gems and experience different cultures, you sing with your friends, sticking your head out the window and feeling the wind in your face...
Virtual Island Paradise Experience Virtual Island Paradise Experience - Travelling from a seaplane you can see the beautiful islands from the window, looking down at powdery white beaches, coconut palms and green trees. Stunning coral reefs, blue lagoons and powdery white beaches: this is the tropical paradise you are about to enter...
Sleep Easy (Guided Hypnosis) - Try my complimentary hypnosis recording to have better sleep. It uses different approaches to induce relaxation, such as focused attention, symptom control and guided imagery.
7 Tips To Improve Relationships (Audio-Coaching) - Right now, our relationships are under immense pressure, the stresses and strains of living, and sometimes working in the same environment can cause cracks and breakdowns. We need to step back and change our expectations and learn some new ways of dealing with this to appreciate each other, and even make our relationships better than before.
Calm Yourself (Guided-Meditation) - Use this complimentary guided-meditation to focus on yourself, regain a sense of balance, and replace stress & anxiety, with peace & calm, in just 15 minutes.
Anxiety Buster Confidence Booster podcast 7 – Healing White Light (Hypnosis) - In this episode, I take you through a hypnosis session for general rejuvenation to help cleanse and purify our mind and body, ideal for the current challenges.
Anxiety Buster Confidence Booster podcast 3 – Letting It Be (Hypnosis) - In this special episode, I take you through a short hypnosis session, to help you calm your system, relax your body, and be more in the present.
Relax & Rejuvenate CD Denise’s “Relax & Rejuvenate” (free to stream) - This recording has helped hundred of people to relax and feel better. The CD is sold out but you can still stream it for free and download it from Bandcamp.