Abundance Circle

The Abundance Circle invites you to Attract the Life You Want…

  • Is there something in your life you’d like to achieve?
  • Do but feel stuck, unclear, or feel as if something is holding you back?
  • Would you just like to feel more inspired and motivated?

If so, the Abundance Circle may be the answer you are looking for…


Working with like-minded people is a terrific and extremely effective way to manifest your goals and dreams into reality. Having the energy of a collective mindset is phenomenal for helping you feel motivated, inspired, on track and supported.

If you want to:

  • Begin creating the life you want
  • De-programme yourself from patterns that hold you back.
  • Have enormous help on creating your vision using the spiritual laws properly so they are second nature
  • Discover how to align your self, energy, values and core beliefs with your desires in such a way that you literally magnetise the people and the resources to you so that you can turn your goals into reality.
  • Tap into a higher frequency and sustain the vibration

Then this programme is definitely for you.

You may have read the books and done the seminars but truly understanding and living the Spiritual laws so you sustain the energy is another thing, especially trying to do it on one’s own. However in this wonderful collective energy you will feel inspired and joyful more consistently.

Everyone is welcome the only thing you need is the desire to have the abundance of your dreams and a willingness to hold other people’s energy.

Please note after the first session dates and times may change according to the group dynamic.


“I recommend this course to anyone who wants to lead a fuller and more vibrant life” (July 2007) - I would recommend the Abundance course to anyone who wants to lead a fuller and more vibrant life. I've been amazed at how quickly I've seen real and practical results and have felt the benefits of Denise's coaching. The advice and support has been fantastic.



After running for several years the Abundance Circle is currently on a break but if you are interested in attending please contact Denise.