Stop Smoking

-Step 1: CHECK, are you Ready?

Step 2: PREPARE to Start the Process

  • During the call, Denise will teach you some simple techniques… Some people don’t even need the hypnotherapy session after this!
  • Fill-in the questionnaire at the bottom of this page

Step 3: STOP in One-Off Session

  • A tailor-made 2-3 hour session should be enough to anchor your new behaviour and replace the old habits you no longer need.

Denise’s Credentials

Articles & Scientific Studies

Ready. Steady. Stoptober Smoking Eradicated by 2030? What causes some smokers to stop and relapse? (Sep 2018) - Discover the key factor causing some people to resume smoking after stopping. #stoptober
Scale showing HELP! Just when you think it’s not going to work… (BSCH) (Jul 2015) - Spring is that time of year when people look at their bodies and think it's time to reduce some weight now! Just before Easter I had just such a client, let's call her Ann. Ann was at least 3 stone overweight and decided enough is enough and came to see me... However, one of the friends rang me and asked if I could see all 3 of them on the same day one after the other. I was reluctant.
No evidence that nicotine vaccines work (Aug 2012) - Researchers found there is currently no evidence that nicotine vaccines enhance long-term smoking cessation.
Hypnosis increases smoking abstinence by 4.3 times (Jun 2012) - A Canadian study researchers found that smokers were 4.3 times more likely to quit smoking if they underwent hypnosis therapy compared to smokers who didn't have therapy.

Client Testimonials

“5 months since my session my life has got better and better” (March 2018) - "Coming to see Denise to stop smoking was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. It's been 5 months since my session and since then my life has got better and better. My health and well being has improved dramatically and I haven't looked back..."
Stop Smoking For Life “I cannot thank you enough for helping me give up smoking” (May 2005) - "When I have tried to stop in the past I just needed an excuse to light up, bad day, stress, drunk, I am sure you have heard a thousand reasons, but after hypnotherapy I found a level of determination, inner strength and genuine mind set that I don’t need to smoke...
Kicking the Habit! “I enjoyed the hypnotherapy and it has been a success” (August 2004) - "I felt very relaxed with you immediately and enjoyed the hypnotherapy and it has been a success, I did find the first week hard but then listened to your CD and have found my second week much easier...

More testimonials


Focus on what you really want.

Please be as honest with yourself as possible.

CONGRATULATIONS on your first step to become a non smoker

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