For parking, payment details, concessions and terms & conditions please see the bottom of this page



Week DayEvening, Week-End, Bank HolsDetail
Short Individual Therapy Session £72£871 hr
‘Happy Monday’ Therapy£77na1.5 hrs – Mondays 2:30pm or 4pm
Standard Individual Therapy Session £90 £1051.5 hrs
Stop Smoking Package£245poaTailored – Multi-modal – 2-3 hrs session + Free backup session (within 3 weeks of original session)
Virtual Gastric Band Package£450na1 phone conversation (for me to ensure you are ready) + 4 weekly sessions (lasting between 1 and 1.5 hrs) + A recording to listen to daily
“Relax & Rejuvenate”£7£7 40 mins (3 tracks) – MP3 only as CD is sold out – Available Bandcamp
Drawing & Talking £20 £2530 mins session – 5 to 18 year olds


Week DayEvening, Week-End, Bank HolsDetail
Assessment SessionFreenaOnline form +
30 mins consultation with Denise
LAR Programme£99£99Programme material + 3 month support – Payable to Linden Centre – Explained during free session
LAR Sessions£475£5505 one-to-one sessions (60 to 90 mins) with Denise


Personal/Professional Development, Performance Coaching, Couples Coaching, NLP, Hypno-Coaching

Week DayEvening, Week-End, Bank Hols Detail
One-to-One Coaching Taster Free Free20 mins (phone)

Phone/Skype Coaching Session £45 £501 hr
Phone/Skype Coaching Package £240£2886 sessions of 1 hr + email/phone support
One-to-One Short Coaching Session£72£871 hr
‘Happy Monday’ Coaching £77na1.5 hrs – Mondays 2:30pm or 4pm
One-to-One Standard Individual Session £90£1051.5 hrs
Couples Coaching Session £119£1352 hrs
One-to-One Coaching Package £470 na6 week day sessions of 1.5 hrs
One-to-One Executive Coaching Package £740£740 First session 2 hrs + 5 follow up sessions 1.5 hr + up to 3 x 30 mins tel. coaching calls (or regular support email) + free recording of the session available
no supplement for evening or weekend + no late cancellation fee

Payment Details, Concessions and Terms & Conditions

  • Weekday appointments can start between 8.30am and 5.00pm
  • Evening appointments start at 5:30pm
  • Payment types accepted:
    • on the day: UK Cheque, Cash, PayM (Mobile)
    • in advance: same + BACS/Electronic Transfer, Paypal (includes Credit Cards & Foreign Currencies)
    • Paypal fee (around 3.5%) will be added to the invoice.
  • Concessions are available for children, students, actors, OAP, unemployed & homeless: please contact Denise.
  • Cancellation Fee (single sessions): £25 within 24 hours, 80% within 4 hours
  • Packages (for courses, training, workshops, seminars etc…) are payable in advance and non refundable unless cancelled by Denise, however if you can’t attend you can nominate someone else to attend instead.
  • Parking (cost covered by Denise)

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