Exam Success & Resilience

Teaching Students to Beat Anxiety and Build Confidence

Often very capable students don’t do well in exams simply because anxiety and stress get the better of them.

This affects many GCSE students, to A Level to University students.

We know much more about the brain now through research into neurobiology and the neuroplasticity of the brain.

Whether your students need some real concrete strategies to help during revision time right up to walking in the examination hall itself to learning how to self soothe and bring down their own sympathetic nervous system, I have several programmes to deal with this…

I teach either one to one, or in small groups (4 to 6) of similar age, often in schools. Groups work particularly well for 7-9 yrs, enabling them to relate and coach each others.


  • Discovering their Fears and Worries (through role-play)
  • Learning how to Self-Coach and Self-Soothe
  • Learning to Connect and Express
  • Changing their own Internal State using Physiology
  • Understanding Bullying and what they can do about it, Internally and Externally.
  • Building Confidence & Self-Worth (through role-play )
  • Relaxation & Mindfulness at the end of each session


  • Group of 6 children aged 7 to 9, or one to one.
  • 4 weekly 60mn sessions


Part 1. Introductory Talk

Talk to groups of students pre-revision, exam time in or out of school hours. Either as a one-off or introduction to the 3 weekly sessions.

  • Understanding and Eliminating the “Stress Factor” –  How their brain, in simple terms, is ‘making them stupid’, explaining why is can be so hard to remember answers during an exam.
  • Live demos involving volunteers: How to practice for themselves as well.
  • Handouts to remind them at home how to take control of their own brain.

Part 2. Three Weekly 60-90mn Sessions

Capitalising on their knowledge from the Introductory Talk, we go deeper to see if the basics are installed at the right level for them, and clear up ‘outstanding’ worries that may still be lurking.

  • Learning how to take control of emotions
  • Revision strategy and techniques
  • How to get into the ideal state for learning
  • Understanding ‘how’ to learn and recall, this is part of an effective study strategy which addresses poor learning habits and stressed thinking.
  • Increasing Self-Esteem, Self-Worth & Motivation
  • Reducing General Anxiety


Protecting Our Children’s Brains - Read this and your child will thank you later. A recent review of 1500 scientific studies shows the clear impact screen usage has on children, their brain development, learning capacity, IQ and emotional health. A MUST read for all parents.
alone teenager What Parents of Anxious Children Must Know (Talk) - I see more and more children, particularly adolescents, who are very vulnerable to anxiety at this crucial stage in their emotional and cognitive development. I want to talk with you, the parents, as it's essential you know what is available and what works for your child.

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