• Mind Your Business with Hypnosis (28-day Challenge) – 26th OCT 2020

    The next Mind Your Business with Hypnosis – 28 Days Challenge course will start Monday 26th Oct 2020. Free Introduction Webinar on Wednesday 21st Oct 2020 at 7.30 pm (UK).

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  • Self-Esteem Holding You Back

    Increase your self-esteem

    Self-esteem is an area that can affect so many different areas of life, professionally and personally. From sports professionals to teenagers, weight issues to addictions, self-esteem can lie beneath many of the problems that I work with as a coach/hypnotherapist. So how do you increase Self-Esteem?

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  • How To Sleep Better

    Are you having more intense and emotional dreams? Waking-up tired and groggy? Or can’t even sleep at all?

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  • Coping With Chaos

    We are living in extremely uncertain times, and that uncertainty can be difficult to cope with. But, there are things you can do to manage your fears and anxieties.

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  • Managing Uncertainty

    You may feel worried right now, struggling to keep anxious thoughts in check, unsure about the future. But help is at hand – you CAN learn to live with uncertainty.

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  • Anxiety Buster Confidence Booster podcast

    7 – Healing White Light (Hypnosis)

    In this episode, I take you through a hypnosis session for general rejuvenation to help cleanse and purify our mind and body, ideal for the current challenges.

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  • free therapy for covid-19 medical staff

    Message for Medical Staff on the Covid-19 Frontline

    To all medics working on the Covid-19 front-line: doctors, nurses, paramedics, care-home staff, etc. I’m offering complimentary sessions to help with Trauma, Anxiety, Stress and Burnout that you may be feeling

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  • Anxiety Buster Confidence Booster podcast

    6 – Which Therapy For Anxiety?

    Many different approaches and therapies can help with Anxiety, so it can be tricky to know which may be more appropriate or effective. In this episode, I’m discussing several of them: Psychotherapy, CBT, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Mindfulness and Linden.

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  • 6 Weeks To Anxiety Recovery (Watch the Interviews)

    Watch the short interview of a 17-year-old explaining his journey through anxiety recovery, as well as his father’s account.

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  • Virtual Gastric Band

    Virtual Gastric Band

    Understanding why people overeat, and what the triggers are, is crucial to make such changes. Hypnosis allows them to really understand this to then begin the re-wiring. By the time people have reached an unhealthy weight, often they have lost proper communication with their body and mind, so it becomes quite a mindless behaviour.

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Disney Family Holiday

Virtual Disney family Holiday Free Download

Be transported to a place filled with magic, to spend quality time with your relatives. As you navigate the park, you see their smiling faces as they meet famous characters. You hear their laughter experiencing their favourite ride. You witness them marvelling at the parade and shows. Later, fireworks light up the night sky, around the castle, while familiar tunes are playing. Experience all the colours and sounds, the atmosphere and togetherness.

Latest Testimonials

“I had a fear of pigeons…”

“For most of my life, and until recently, I had a fear of pigeons… After just one session we went to Twickenham Green and I was able to walk among the few pigeons that were there. I no longer have to dash to the other side of the road to avoid a lone pigeon and I can now sit outside a cafe and have a drink…”