• “One session with Denise has helped immensely”

    “I had been suffering from insomnia but after one session with Denise, she recommended a few techniques I could do before sleeping…

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  • Tis the Season to be Wed (and Prepare That Speech)!

    Is it your time to be Best Man, Best Woman or Father of the Bride? Here are some tips to help you dealing with That speech, making sure you connect to the audience, feel comfortable and maintain your state.

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  • “The sessions really helped me towards conquering my fear of flying!”

    Denise was very welcoming and the sessions really helped me towards conquering my fear of flying! I strongly recommended trying hypnotherapy with Denise.

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  • Speech gives reality to our thoughts

    The other day I was having lunch with two friends, both of whom go to a slimming club. However, I was shocked when they referred to it as “the FAT club”! When I questioned this they said “that’s what all the members call it…”. I explained how words can have a very profound effect on us, even simple stuff that we say internally to ourselves…

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  • Mental Health, Cakes and Communication

    The stigma about mental health is really ridiculous, most people will have a mental health problem at some point in their life, even if just very mildly. It’s about time society started to acknowledge it. Why should it be okay to say you’re suffering from IBS or chronic pain, but it’s not okay to mention anything even vaguely related to mental health. Well it’s about time we got a grip on this. Let’s just talk about it, what is the problem?

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  • Tips to grow your brain

    The reason it’s good to build new neurons in the brain is that they can act as a kind of safeguard against the ageing diseases like Dementia. Just like our bodies need to move to stay strong and flexible, so too, does the brain need its workout.
    For example people who can speak more than one language seem to be able to delay Dementia by several years. This appears to be down to…

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  • “I should have come to see you 20 years ago!”

    “Hi Denise! Amazing powers and I am no longer a nail biting person! A few times I’ve caught myself hand going to mouth then stop myself with the “you don’t do that anymore”. Now trying to think of the next thing to fix lol. Thank you so much, I should have come to see you 20 years ago! Cheers L.D.”

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  • 5 Tips For Your First Days At School

    So it’s back to school so here is a short video of my five top tips for Being Happier This Term At School. They involve Attitude, Confidence, Friends, and Teachers

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  • Relax & Rejuvenate with Denise Bosque

    Denise’s “Relax & Rejuvenate” (free to stream)

    This recording has helped hundred of people to relax and feel better. The CD has now sold out but you can still download it from Bandcamp and stream it for free from this page.

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