About Denise

At 19, then Denise Bryson, I became a professional actress at the Live Theatre company in Newcastle alongside Tim Healy, Sammy Johnson, Val McLane etc. touring all over the UK. I then did repertory and also worked in TV and films.

During a dry spell, I started becoming interested in learning how the mind works and helping others. I studied NLP, became a Coach, then qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a bunch of other specialities such as EMDR.

I’ve since run seminars on Public Speaking and Mindfulness, organised retreats abroad, a number of talks and training, authored Hypnosis recordings and over 400 articles.

Over the years, I have helped thousands of people resolving issues around confidence, relationships, well-being and anxiety so they can build strong, emotional & psychological resilience.

I believe everyone has the potential to be happier; they just don’t necessary know how.

Professionals, in particular, have so much stress and anxiety going on, often they are close to burnout. So I developed a process to identify obstacles to their success, and how to achieve it. If you want to accelerate your well being mentally and emotionally, then this process helps you gain clarity, confidence and shift old dis-empowering beliefs and behaviours. Ultimately to be re-inspired and authentic.

You are unique, and you need a bespoke approach for you. Then you can go forward into your life AUTHENTICALLY and live a happier and purposeful life.

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