About Denise

At 19, then Denise Bryson, I became a professional actress at the Live Theatre Company in Newcastle alongside Tim Healy, Sammy Johnson, Val McLane etc., touring all over the UK. I then did repertory and also worked in TV and films.

During a dry spell, I became interested in learning how the mind works and helping others. I studied NLP, became a Coach, and then qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, anxiety specialist, Mindfulness practitioner and EMDR (trauma) practitioner.

I’ve since run seminars on Public Speaking and Mindfulness, organised retreats abroad, performed many talks and training, and authored Hypnosis recordings and over 500 articles.

Over the years, I have helped thousands of people resolve issues around confidence, relationships, well-being and anxiety so they can build strong emotional & psychological resilience.

I’ve seen how changing the mindset transforms lives for the better once you start implementing the strategies and techniques.

Everyone has the potential to be happier; they just don’t know how, yet.

Professionals, in particular, live with so much stress and anxiety they are often close to burnout. I help them develop emotional resilience, massive self-belief, and self-worth. This is the foundation for success. When you shift disempowering beliefs and behaviours, you become re-inspired and authentic.

You are unique, and you need a bespoke approach for you. Then you can go forward into your life AUTHENTICALLY and live a happier and purposeful life.


I wholeheartedly believe we can all be happier, freer and live a more expansive and purposeful life, all of us, no exception. The conditioning we have received since day one on the planet has seriously limited most of our lives. We believe we are separate souls, and the ego is always trying to ‘get’ something; we have to learn to ‘be’ first.

With Desire to change, Compassion for self and Commitment, you can live that life. I work with you holistically, integrating mind, body and soul.

Mission Statement

To help people be happier, to release them from their limited selves, no longer play small, connect to their spirituality, to reach their full potential and raise their energy to one of love, harmony and inspiration.


Holistic Health – Love – Passion – Support – Connection – Joy

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