Linden Anxiety Recovery Programme™

The Linden Method - Freedom From High AnxietyAround 12 million people in the UK, alone, suffer from some form of anxiety-related condition.

The Linden Method has been used to help over 170,000 people to date.

What conditions can be treated


Anxiety Solutions (Oct 2018) - There are many therapies out there and it can be difficult to find the right one to match the person...
Anxiety & Recovery (Feb 2016) - Anxiety condition and its physiological effects have been conditioned over years, so that feeling of fear has become a habit stored in the sub conscious mind. It becomes a habit in your daily life activated by all sorts of triggers. The body has been ‘re-set’ at a higher level of anxiety. However, all that can stop and be re-conditioned with The Linden Method.

Case Studies

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Denise’s Credentials

  • Linden Anxiety Recovery Coach (LARC) with Charles Linden at The Linden Centre in 2015.
  • LAR Coaching, is a qualification accredited by the NCFE, one of the world’s oldest educational bodies, at professional Level 4.
  • Denise was the first coach in the UK to complete the training and attain this qualification and is now only amongst only a few accredited coaches.

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