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Coaching is like having a mentor, best friend and personal trainer for your mind. It helps you be your authentic self, with inner confidence to achieve what you want, and to feel good about yourself.

Whatever area of your life you wish to improve: relationships, social, career, sport, your own personal development etc… coaching can help you. All successful people have used coaches because they know that doing it alone is too difficult. You are kept on track but never judged. Start today to really be who you want and achieve your goals.

In order to move you on I may use a combination of Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), EMDR, Mindfulness or a little CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) & Bio-Feedback (I use a software from the Institute of Heartmath).

What Is Your Life Purpose?

Most people know what they don’t want in their life, however they lack clarity on what they do want. Our first task together is to clarify exactly what you really want for yourself. What’s been holding you back, i.e. limiting beliefs, old patterns? Once you create objectives that are clearly in line with your personal values and vision, you are much more likely to take consistent actions to reach them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Denise’s Credentials


Relationship Issues Strategies for Couples with Relationship Issues (12/20/2015) - When a relationship breaks down it's nearly always because communication has, so couples need effective strategies to prevent arguments, whilst working on identifying values, visions, obstacles, blind spots and personal development. One useful tool is NonViolent Communication.
Chris Froome Hypnosis – A legal way to enhance your performance? (8/2/2015) - I found indications that hypnosis and self-hypnosis are used in Cycling. A scientific study shows that hypnosis appeared to enhance flow intensity and the racing performance of elite cyclists.
Amygdala When your partner loses it, should you blame their Amygdala? (9/23/2012) - Over the years, I find myself explaining more and more just how the brain works. I do it because it can really help clients when they are ‘doing’ or ‘receiving’ unwanted behaviour. For instance, the Amygdala, can hijack your reasoning faculties to the point of losing a job or ruining a relationship, which was happening to a client I had recently, let’s call him John.
10 Mistakes People Make In Relationships (9/6/2009) - You fall in love and feel amazing. Everything is 'just perfect' in your world. Then, what happens?  Well, usually, the initial euphoria begins to wear off and gradually those cute little habits s/he has now becomes very irritating! Suddenly there's a feeling of being taken for granted by one or both parties.

Client Testimonials

“My sessions with Denise have been nothing short of transformational” (Mar 2019) - "I’ve had years of anxiety, fear of failure, fear of being judged - and being paralysed by this in my job - periods of depression, being afraid to go out, avoiding social situations, periods of long term sickness, not being bothered to look after myself or respect myself..."
“The EMDR work I did with you has been priceless in regaining myself” (Feb 2019) - "I fully appreciate not only how good and professional you were in the therapy, but also and mostly how amazing, deeply sensitive and great insight you showed in connecting with the deepest part of me, like you had known me the whole of my life..."
“The couple of sessions I have had with you have changed my life beyond my expectations” (Jan 2018) - Denise really helped build my confidence and reduce anxiety levels. Not only have I now managed to secure the job that I wanted, I also feel that I am able to overcome any challenge that may present itself.
A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish “Very wide skill set along great intuition allowed Denise to get to the heart of the issue” (Jul 2017) - "Denise was such a joy to work with. She brought a very wide skill set to the sessions, along with great intuition which allowed her to get to the heart of the issue. It was clear to see that she is empathetic and cares deeply about what she does. It is hard not to be buoyed up by her positive energy and warmth - I would thoroughly recommend her!"
“The couple of sessions I have had with you have changed my life beyond my expectations” (Jun 2017) - Denise, the couple of sessions I have had with you have changed my life beyond my expectations! Your hypnosis technique is both so gentle and powerful I had no idea its long-term effects would be so beneficial to me — but here am I several weeks down the line, feeling reborn and feeling like I've retrieved my true self. I cannot thank you enough for the priceless recovery you've helped get to, especially considering the rough patch I was going through. I will most heartily recommend your services to anyone that might be looking for a good... sorry, a FANTASTIC therapist: they're in for the best surprise of their life!
“It wasn’t until I met Denise that I could apply the theory in difficult real life situations” (May 2017) - "Denise is not only highly knowledgeable she is also passionate about her work and truly cared about me and my personal development. I read lots of books about mindfulness, resilience, positive attitude etc. but it wasn't until I met Denise that I could apply the theory in difficult real life situations. I would not hesitate to recommend Denise to anyone who is looking for that little help to push through adversity and develop greater inner strength."
student assessment “I used to link my self-worth with my exam performance” (Jul 2016) - "Before meeting with Denise I had exam anxiety and often linked my self-worth with my exam performance. Since working with Denise, not only has my confidence improved, but I am also much calmer when coping with daily stress/anxieties. Denise a positive influence and has enabled me to break down and manage exam and other stresses in my life. Thank you for all your help!"
“Meeting with Denise just a few times for anxiety issues has changed my life” (Mar 2015) - "It is no exaggeration that Denise has saved my life. Before we met I was struggling with a debilitating anxiety which presented itself as regular intense chest pain. Over time I stopped enjoying life, I was so afraid of the terrifying chest pains that I stopped going out with friends and I rarely enjoyed spending time with my children, life really did not feel worth living. Meeting with Denise just a few times for anxiety issues has changed my life. I very rarely get chest pains now and if I do Denise has given me the tools to deal with it...
“For the first time I was in control and of course I passed the test!” (Sep 2014) - "Before seeing Denise I had failed the Teacher Training Numeracy Skills Test. I had revised intensely and was prepared but on the day I was so nervous it made me feel sick and my body was shaking so much I couldn't hold the computer mouse still and my brain shut down. I saw Denise the day before my second attempt. She listened and we talked for a long time about my big issue with exam nerves, lack of confidence and I felt that there wasn't any stone unturned. By the end of the session I felt more relaxed but I wasn't yet sure how I would react in the exam room. Then the big moment arrived! Despite being nervous, it wasn't as intense as any previous experience I had in exam conditions. I applied the calming down technique Denise had taught me which worked wonderfully and was able to concentrate and give 100% focus on each question; cool as a cucumber. For the first time I was in control and of course I passed the test! Denise is a pearl. Her help has been invaluable and I would definitely recommend her. Thank you Denise!" Sophie Clement - Teacher - London - September 2014
“Denise was able to grasp my situation and suggest a process for moving beyond fear and into joy.” (May 2013) - quotes A recent meeting with Denise made a massive difference to my life. In recent years I'd made a lot of changes to my circumstances that created the potential for a productive, fulfilling, joyful existence. Then, I became stuck - unable to fully inhabit my dream, unable to move beyond transition into living. Although I knew I was stuck, I needed help to get beyond it. In one visit, Denise was able to grasp my situation and suggest a process for moving beyond fear and into joy. Denise employed a few strategies to help me during our brief time together, but I believe the most effective tool she brought out was her amazing ability to listen - really listen - with compassion, understanding and insight. Once I realized that Denise actually understood my situation, it was easy to trust her guidance and allow myself to experience some resolution to the conflicts that had kept me locked down for so long. Right now, I'm revelling in the new freedom I feel to enjoy the life I've created. And, I'm comforted to know that if I get stuck again, I can call on Denise's expertise for help. I highly recommend her services." Lisa Richards - Business Owner - 21st May 2013

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