Go Fetch Your Future (Programme)

The Secret To Having More Joy In Your Life

Do you know How to Manifest?

Do you even know what it means and, furthermore, how to Manifest? Most people know how not to get it right, I was one of them!

You cannot, not create, you are always manifesting something, usually unconsciously, with dominant thoughts of negativity, anxiety, doubt, worry, fear, etc.

Imagination is more Powerful than Knowledge


Our outer world is ALWAYS a reflection of our inner world.  You see, whatever you are thinking about repetitiously tends to show up in your life. 

Ultimately this is about how you control your thoughts,  which are incredibly powerful, they have energy and they become ‘things’.  If you don’t, they control you and therefore your results.

If you want to wake up and live a conscious life where you are responsible for what happens.  If you want to feel abundant, happier, lighter, and at ease, in your life and create what you want then you need to know how to operate your mind.

 Make a decision NOW, that you want to change

Learning how to do this, requires study, vision, and the techniques to get into the right vibration, to attract what you WANT!  It’s very much about the expansion of one’s mind and the Universal Laws.

It’s exciting, light, and very interesting work as you begin to see better results showing up in your outer world.

So are you IN or are you out? 

Is your mind saying, “it won’t work, no money, not the right time”, that’s just your old mindset keeping you stuck. It doesn’t want you to change.

ALL excuses, the time is NOW, there never has been a better time and the great news is the fee!

I want this to be a founding group so the people who join are committed and therefore they are going to get the whole 12 weeks for just £85.

This is a recurring 12-week programme, 1-hr per week on Zoom (available on replay) 19.30-20.30 (GMT) Wednesdays.

Go Fetch Your Future (12 weeks programme)

That is a ridiculous price, but for now, that is the price for those who want to join and are serious. No dabblers, you must want the change. It’s Wednesdays and you can join any time as the 12 weeks lessons will be recurring. So the question is: Do you WANT to change your life or are you DECIDING to change your life, are you interested or are you COMMITTED? Note: If you pay using PayPal, I added their fee. Alternatively I can provide my bank details.