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“I had a fear of pigeons…” (August 2019) - "For most of my life, and until recently, I had a fear of pigeons... After just one session we went to Twickenham Green and I was able to walk among the few pigeons that were there. I no longer have to dash to the other side of the road to avoid a lone pigeon and I can now sit outside a cafe and have a drink..."
Interview: 17-year-old who used to suffer from Anxiety (May 2019) - "...From the first session it definitely gave me motivation and a change of mindset and I could see a pathway... You equipped me with technique and mindset that I can use to deal with it... My overall confidence has benefited from these sessions"
Interview: Father of 17-year-old suffering from Anxiety (May 2019) - "...He’s really starting to get on top of this. Attacks only last minutes, and are reducing. He is smiling, happy, seeing his friends. There is a difference there is a shift..."
“My sessions with Denise have been nothing short of transformational” (March 2019) - "I’ve had years of anxiety, fear of failure, fear of being judged - and being paralysed by this in my job - periods of depression, being afraid to go out, avoiding social situations..."
“The EMDR work I did with you has been priceless in regaining myself” (February 2019) - "I fully appreciate not only how good and professional you were in the therapy, but also and mostly how amazing, deeply sensitive and great insight you showed in connecting with the deepest part of me, like you had known me the whole of my life..."
“Denise has a wonderful ability of helping you feel more at ease in situations you may be facing” (October 2018) - "Denise has a wonderful ability of helping you feel more at ease in situations you may be facing. This is truly a gift and after each session I felt lighter and excited to...
“One session with Denise has helped immensely” (September 2018) - "I had been suffering from insomnia but after one session with Denise, she recommended a few techniques I could do before sleeping and it has helped immensely...
“5 months since my session my life has got better and better” (March 2018) - "Coming to see Denise to stop smoking was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. It's been 5 months since my session and since then my life has got better and better. My health and well being has improved dramatically and I haven't looked back..."
“The couple of sessions I have had with you have changed my life beyond my expectations” (January 2018) - Denise really helped build my confidence and reduce anxiety levels. Not only have I now managed to secure the job that I wanted, I also feel that I am able to overcome any challenge that may present itself.
Relax & Rejuvenate with Denise Bosque “This is really a great file. After listening few times I can relax by myself with the keyword.” (July 2017) - I just wanted to tell you that I bought your mp3 'Relax and rejuvenate' on Bandcamp. This is really a great file. After listening few times I can relax by myself with the keyword (after 2 days of practice !)."
A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish “Very wide skill set along great intuition allowed Denise to get to the heart of the issue” (July 2017) - "Denise was such a joy to work with. She brought a very wide skill set to the sessions, along with great intuition which allowed her to get to the heart of the issue. It was clear to see that she is empathetic and cares deeply about what she does. It is hard not to be buoyed up by her positive energy and warmth - I would thoroughly recommend her!"
“The sessions really helped me towards conquering my fear of flying!” (July 2017) - Denise was very welcoming and the sessions really helped me towards conquering my fear of flying! I strongly recommended trying hypnotherapy with Denise.
“The couple of sessions I have had with you have changed my life beyond my expectations” (June 2017) - Denise, the couple of sessions I have had with you have changed my life beyond my expectations! Your hypnosis technique is both so gentle and powerful I had no idea its long-term effects would be so beneficial to me — but here am I several weeks down the line, feeling reborn and feeling like I've retrieved my true self. I cannot thank you enough for the priceless recovery you've helped get to, especially considering the rough patch I was going through. I will most heartily recommend your services to anyone that might be looking for...
Relax & Rejuvenate with Denise Bosque “Delighted with the CD, the relaxation was so total” (May 2017) - Hi Denise, I am so delighted with the CD. The relaxation was so total and I am looking forward to doing this regularly. It is an hour later and I still feel the sense of relaxation and joy. Thanks so much. With light and a feeling of relaxed joy. " - Sherry Laness - ISRAEL
“It wasn’t until I met Denise that I could apply the theory in difficult real life situations” (May 2017) - "Denise is not only highly knowledgeable she is also passionate about her work and truly cared about me and my personal development. I read lots of books about mindfulness, resilience, positive attitude etc. but it wasn't until I met Denise that I could apply the theory in difficult real life situations. I would not hesitate to recommend Denise to anyone who is looking for that little help to push through adversity and develop greater inner strength."
student assessment “I used to link my self-worth with my exam performance” (July 2016) - "Before meeting with Denise I had exam anxiety and often linked my self-worth with my exam performance. Since working with Denise, not only has my confidence improved, but I am also much calmer when coping with daily stress/anxieties. Denise a positive influence and has enabled me to break down and manage exam and other stresses in my life. Thank you for all your help!"
“I should have come to see you 20 years ago!” (December 2015) - "Hi Denise! I am no longer a nail biting person! A few times I've caught myself hand going to mouth then..."
sunset Feedback from my last “8 week Mindfulness & Self-Worth course” (December 2015) - Comments from participants who attended my “8 week Mindfulness & Self-Worth course” "I think the course is nicely balanced between meditation, teachings and discussions. I liked your voice, the manual, the setup of the room and being sent the material and downloads by email." "I think you’ve balanced practice with the theory very well. Would love to do another course along these lines. Thank you.” "This has been an extremely useful course and very helpful to me. Thank you Denise for all your generous tuition and for the excellent manual” "I learnt a lot from you Denise. I enjoyed the theories and understanding of Mindfulness that you were teaching us alongside the practice, in particular the ‘longer’ mindfulness exercises. The manual is absolutely excellent. Thank you so much Denise for sharing your knowledge and expertise. I truly appreciate and value your ‘generous’ teaching.” "Thank you for the course, well structured, accessible and supportive. A great experience. Very useful.” "I found your course extremely helpful particularly the way you delivered the sections of the manual week by week, and also because of your very empathetic and clear way you put over the material. I am very, very grateful to you for all the work you put into it.”
“Meeting with Denise just a few times for anxiety issues has changed my life” (March 2015) - "It is no exaggeration that Denise has saved my life. Before we met I was struggling with a debilitating anxiety which presented itself as regular intense chest pain. Over time I stopped enjoying life, I was so afraid of the terrifying chest pains that I stopped going out with friends and I rarely enjoyed spending time with my children, life really did not feel worth living. Meeting with Denise just a few times for anxiety issues has changed my life. I very rarely get chest pains now and if I do Denise has given me the tools to deal with it...
“For the first time I was in control and of course I passed the test!” (September 2014) - "Before seeing Denise I had failed the Teacher Training Numeracy Skills Test. I had revised intensely and was prepared but on the day I was so nervous it made me feel sick and my body was shaking so much I couldn't hold the computer mouse still and my brain shut down. I saw Denise the day before my second attempt. She listened and we talked for a long time about my big issue with exam nerves, lack of confidence and I felt that there wasn't any stone unturned. By the end of the session I felt more relaxed but I wasn't yet sure how I would react in the exam room. Then the big moment arrived...
No Pain “It was like some of my pain was being released from my heart…” (October 2013) - "Hi Denise, your work was such an inspiration to me. Your strategies were right on the mark, especially with that whole breathing exercise. I've never believed in that in all these years, but how you taught it and with your calming voice it felt really real, it was like some of my pain was being released from my heart every time I did it. The elastic band and grounding rock was another good strategy, and your hypnosis work helped lots, even when I was in distress. I would always leave feeling calmed and determined to go away and work on what we had planned. You were always very patient very kind and came across very calming and soothing to me. I always enjoyed coming to my sessions."
“In one session you managed to completely eradicate the wish to bite my nails” (June 2013) - "Hi Denise, Thank you ever so much for your help. After nearly 37 year of biting my nails I had thought that I would be a biter forever. I say nearly 37 years as I came to see you a few weeks before my birthday because I didn't want to be a nail biter at the age of 37. And I am not. In one session you managed to completely eradicate the wish to bite my nails. I can, hand on heart, say that I do not bite my nails. After this success I came to you a few weeks later to try and address some self-confidence issues and feeling stuck in a rut. You helped me to see things more clearly and have unblocked the simple barriers which were holding me back. I feel so much more in control of my situation now and look at things more positively. Thank you for your help." Caroline R. - 1st June 2013
“Denise was able to grasp my situation and suggest a process for moving beyond fear and into joy.” (May 2013) - quotes A recent meeting with Denise made a massive difference to my life. In recent years I'd made a lot of changes to my circumstances that created the potential for a productive, fulfilling, joyful existence. Then, I became stuck - unable to fully inhabit my dream, unable to move beyond transition into living. Although I knew I was stuck, I needed help to get beyond it. In one visit, Denise was able to grasp my situation and suggest a process for moving beyond fear and into joy. Denise employed a few strategies to help me during our brief time together, but I believe the most effective tool she brought out was her amazing ability to listen - really listen - with compassion, understanding and insight. Once I realized that Denise actually understood my situation, it was easy to trust her guidance and allow myself to experience some resolution to the conflicts that had kept me locked down for so long. Right now, I'm...
“Nothing or no-one can stop me anymore!” (November 2012) - "Dear Denise, Just in case you were wondering... I am really surging forward and found our three sessions together have totally turned me around. I am now facing firmly forward and just don't carry the burdens of the past few years with me anymore. There are still day to day difficulties and hassles to continue on with post-divorce but it just doesn't feel so immobilising anymore. I have just finished my first course in Gemmology which I adored and cannot wait to start the diamond grading certification shortly. I have no idea where this will all lead but at least I feel that every thing is possible, I believe in myself and am not worried about what others think, I am on a wonderful new path and nothing/no-one can stop me anymore. Thank you for your help and inspiration. Your work brought a lot of peace and joy back into my life - even if the weather is awful and the Rugby is ruining every Saturday! I will no doubt need you again but for now I just keep telling everyone about you." S. M.
“I felt you’ve given my life back” (September 2012) - "Hi Denise! Thank you ever so much for your help. I felt you've given my life back 🙂 You're definitely a star! Thank you also for your kind emails, I hope we remain in touch & if I am in trouble again I will certainly call you. I can't thank you enough!" G.M., Harrow
Nail biting “6 months on I have nails that are better than I can remember” (August 2012) - "Dear Denise, I came to see you in January about biting my nails and had one session with you (I do not think you hypnotised me, the session focussed more on relaxation). I thought I would let you know that soon afterwards I stopped biting my nails. I have left it a long time to feedback back to you as I was unsure about whether I would be able to stop long term, however, 6 months on and I have not and now have nails that are better than I can remember having at any time in my life. So thanks for the session and for the information you sent on to me. Kind regards. D.G."
Make A Wedding Toast “Guests came over and complimented me on the speech” (April 2012) - "Dear Denise, With my daughter’s wedding due at the end of March I decided that I would probably benefit from your services to help with my Father of the Bride speech. When I visited you a couple of weeks ago my first read through of my prepared speech was pretty awful! You made me feel very relaxed and gave me lots of useful tips and guidance on both the content and the delivery. By the time I left I was more confident and had lots of ideas on how to give my speech. By the time the big day arrived on Saturday, despite some trepidation, the help I received from you meant that I knew I could give it my best shot. During my speech, my daughter was dabbing tears from her eyes and afterwards quite a few of the guests came over and complimented me on the speech. I would like to thank you so much for helping to make my daughter’s wedding day a happy one and for giving me the confidence and techniques I needed to give a successful Father of the Bride speech. I would not hesitate in recommending you to my friends in the future." Peter Swettenham, My PC Helper Ltd, April 2012
OCD Handwash “Not only my OCD is under control but my quality of life genuinely improved in all areas” (August 2011) - "When Denise and I first spoke I was at a particularly low ebb. I had become resigned to the fact that my problem was a burden I would carry for the rest of my life. I had tried various therapists over a 15 year period without any success. I was slightly skeptical when I attended my first session but Denise was empathetic and patient, and the hypnosis therapy itself was a total revelation. In only 6 sessions she not only got my OCD under control but genuinely improved my quality of life in all areas."
depression “You never gave up on me and I’ll never forget that” (October 2010) - "Dearest Denise! Well, what can I say… It has been a rough + rocky road since Christmas, but thanks to all your help and support, I am here today, back at work, my passion reignited for physiotherapy and even getting a new job! I just wanted to say a big thank you, you never gave up on me and I’ll never forget that. You are one in a million!..."
Relax & Rejuvenate with Denise Bosque “Your CD allowed me to go further and deeper than any other I’ve ever heard.” (July 2009) - " I found using your CD soothing and deeply relaxing. It allowed me to go further and deeper than any other CD I’ve ever heard. I responded to this incredibly positively and I liked the layered voices."
Relax & Rejuvenate with Denise Bosque “I find your voice very relaxing, it moves with you, as opposed to distracting you” (May 2008) - "Denise, I find your voice very relaxing, it moves with you, as opposed to distracting you. This allows you to go with the flow and relax deeply, as your voice is wonderfully sensitive and non intrusive."
“I’ve become more focused, confident and productive” (February 2008) - "I recommend this course to anyone who feels their business or life is stagnant... You forced me to live consciously... I've become more focused, confident, productive and less anxious..."
“Denise has helped me create a WHOLE life” (December 2007) - "I was suffering in the way many owners of small businesses do - I had burnt myself out - completely. I was physically and mentally exhausted and could not see the wood for the trees. I had lost pretty much all perspective on life and was on a path to being utterly worn out. Fortunately, the one modicum of sense I had left, took me to Denise Bosque's door and then my journey to a much happier and more balanced life began..."
“I recommend this course to anyone who wants to lead a fuller and more vibrant life” (July 2007) - I would recommend the Abundance course to anyone who wants to lead a fuller and more vibrant life. I've been amazed at how quickly I've seen real and practical results and have felt the benefits of Denise's coaching. The advice and support has been fantastic.
Stop Smoking For Life “I cannot thank you enough for helping me give up smoking” (May 2005) - "When I have tried to stop in the past I just needed an excuse to light up, bad day, stress, drunk, I am sure you have heard a thousand reasons, but after hypnotherapy I found a level of determination, inner strength and genuine mind set that I don’t need to smoke...
Kicking the Habit! “I enjoyed the hypnotherapy and it has been a success” (August 2004) - "I felt very relaxed with you immediately and enjoyed the hypnotherapy and it has been a success, I did find the first week hard but then listened to your CD and have found my second week much easier...

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