Habits Excellence

There’s always a habit or 10, that we want to change, isn’t there?  

Mine was to CURE MY SUGAR ADDICTION  that had grown into a problem.

Done! It took me precisely 10 days, I am thrilled, the best part was, IT WAS EASY!

Which area, and which habit would you like to change forever?

Health, Relationships, Beliefs (e.g. strong self-belief, confidence), Leisure?

The list is endless, but choose one that would make you feel GREAT if it was a habit that no longer run you, or you had a new habit that really accelerated or uplifted some part of your life, your character. How would you feel? What would it say about you?

If you are truly interested in creating Habit Excellence and making them stick, join me on my next 4-week Zoom Course to kick start that process. 

You will discover:

  • How to make that habit deeply unattractive 
  • Discover how you DON’T need willpower or self-restraint
  • Feel amazing and want to start on the next habit
  • Individual coaching as well as the strategies/techniques
  • Includes replay (video and audio)

Fee:  £147 EARLY BIRD PRICE (only £127 if paid before Midnight Sunday 4th September) –

You must book in advance to secure your place as it will be restricted to a small group

When:  Every Tuesday beginning 6th September 4 weeks @ 8.15 pm – 9.15 pm Zoom

Habit Excellence (4-week programme)

Each Tuesday session will be available as a recording, as sometimes we can’t always make each session and we can re-watch to reinforce our habits! We are made up of our everyday habits, which basically design our daily lives, hour to hour. So choose them. Let them transform your life for the better not worse. Live your new habit(s), AUTOMATICALLY! You’ll be thrilled you did! Note: The amount below includes the 3.5% PayPal fee. If you pay by Bank Transfer, only send £127 (up until Sunday 4th September/Early Bird Price, otherwise full price £147) Nat West Sort Code: 60 22 03 Account: 68712081 Reference: your name


If you want to watch the intro video (mainly on the Anxiety Habit) then scroll down.

Choose Your Habits (Intro)

Audio only