Anxiety-Buster Confidence-Booster (Podcast)

If you are suffering any form of anxiety and confidence issues, then this podcast series is for you. If you really want to give anxiety the boot and live a better, happier life, these episodes are designed to give you the tools and solutions, strategies and insights to get your life back without the ‘what ifs’.

Upcoming Episodes

  • Anxiety v Stress v Panic Attacks
  • Professionals & Anxiety in the Workplace
  • Stopping a Panic Attack in Less Than 15 seconds
  • Why Talking Therapies can be Ineffective
  • Rewiring the Brain (neuroplasticity)
  • Social Media Anxiety
  • PTSD (Trauma) – Generic, Sexual Abuse, Accident
  • How Tinder Can Cause Anxiety
  • Choking
  • HSP: fear of flying, parties, control, plans, commitments, obsessing over details
  • Recreational Drugs (Caffeine, Cocaine…)
  • Gaslighting 
  • Back to school
  • Xmas & Family Events
  • Exams
  • Public Speaking & Performance Anxiety
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