Health & Nutrition

Mind and body are absolutely linked (psycho-neuro-immunology), they continuously affect each other. It is therefore not surprising that many of my clients are interested in healing their body as well as their mind.

I’m often asked questions regarding health and nutrition, and as a lay person I tell them what I know and use. I may recommend books, techniques or foods for them to investigate.

Just like our mental and emotional health, our physical health is each person’s responsibility, so it’s up to each person to educate and try for themselves the many options available, to see what works for them.

Although I’m a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor please note I am not a Nutritionist or Naturopath. I am pretty well versed as a lay person regarding physical health and nutrition, and my husband trained in Nutrition and Naturopathy, but please note any advice we share are our personal opinions and findings, we don’t make any claim and we recommend you check with your physician first.

Wishing you whole health…