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Safari (Guided Hypnosis)

Step aboard your very own Safari vehicle, this is the adventure of a lifetime. Grab your binoculars to capture that very first animal sighting. Explore far away place, surrounded by unique landscapes, allowing you to see the greatest wildlife show on Earth. You can see majestic animal in their own environments, marvelling at their beauty and power. Marvel at that magnificent scenery and open space, enjoy the vast open spaces on that Safari.

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Mountains (Guided Hypnosis)

You are surrounded by mountains, rising high above the clouds, beckoning you with a magnetic pull, to walk deeper into their beauty. Notice the crisp, clear air that you breathe. All around you, beautiful landscapes, wonderful corners, the clearing in the middle of a forest, the lake with crystal clear water. Enjoy this natural place to walk, the grandeur of those peaks, the deep peace of the wild…

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